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Saudi Arabia launches 12 educational TV channels


Education Minister Azzam al-Dakhil has launched 12 educational satellite television channels, two of which offer classes for students near the southern border, where the new academic year begins on Sunday.

The project, in Asir Educational Directorate’s Jazan, Najran, Sybia and Sarat Obaid is one of the most important educational initiatives approved by the ministry during the first semester, local media reported on Wednesday.

The two channels — Aiyn (eye) and Inmaa (growth) — are aimed at students of all educational stages in all school subjects. This reflects the need to find alternative educational alternatives that link modern technology with electronic education.

Al-Dakhil tweeted that in exclusive partnership with Arabsat, the Ministry of Education launched the 12 educational channels that covers all school stages.

The minister will follow up on steps by educational directorates near the southern border and the mechanism that will see the implementation of educational alternatives to achieve its goals in light of the current situation in the border area.

Eisa Ahmad al-Hakami, director general of Jazan education, called on school principals in the border area to follow alternative plans and implement them in a way that achieves the interest of pupils.

Al-Hakami opened activities during the second day of the meeting with educational supervisors on their role in training and supervising alternative electronic education.

The meeting comes within the ministry’s programs and support for schools in the border areas.

Director of Information Technology Directorate Mohammad Mither reviewed the types of electronic education and virtual classes available.

The number of students in Jazan included in electronic education has reached 30,000 and the number of teachers around 3,000 teachers.